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ZoobMobile Cruiser Remote Control Frequency Solution

December 24, 2008

Zoob Mobile Cruiser

The ZoobMobile Cruiser Remote Control has been a very popular toy for boys age 6 years and up this holiday season.
The ZoobMobile Cruiser is a build your own remote control car kit.
You design your own remote control vehicle using Zoob pieces; then you drive your car around using the remote conrol.
You can race 2 units against each other but they must be on different frequencies.  Infinitoy makes the ZoobMobile in 2 different frequencies to solve this problem.

Here at we will make sure that when a customer orders 2 ZoobMobile Remote Control Units we will send 2 different frequencies so that they can be enjoyed together.
If you already have an existing set and your are ordering another make sure to request a different frequency.
In the special instructions field at checkout please indicate that you already have a ZoobMobile Cruiser in Frequency __MHz and we will make sure to send you a different one.
You can find your ZoobMobile frequency on the middle section of the mobile body on a little round sticker.

Special Thanks to Patrick for the information.

Happy Holidays,

The Fun Team