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Top 5 Baby Gifts

December 15, 2008

1. Follow Me Fred by Tiny Love is an interactive crawling toy for babies.

2. Comfy Cozy by Baby Gund – in particular Pippy the Monkey Comfy Cozy and Spunky the Puppy Comfy Cozy in Light Blue.

3. Educolor Blocks by Edushape –  Colorful building blocks that build like the traditional wood blocks but they are made of stiff foam materials so there are less ‘boo boos’ when the tower topples and less noise on hard floors.  A similar item is the Wood Like Soft Blocks which has the wood grain look and feel and the Textured Building Blocks which are textured for added tactile stimulation.

4. Gymini by Tiny Love – in particular the Melody Maker Gymini and the Gymini Monkey Island

5. And last but not lease the classic Gund Tinkle Crinkle Rattle and Squeak